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Delectable new menu & Local Favorites
Welcome! We're back. "Relax... Have Pie!"


At Sauk-Prairie Grill, we dare to push the boundaries of the Culinary Arts. Sauk-Prairie Grill is a new concept in fine dining, offering an Amazing New Menu combined with all your local favorite dishes. Guaranteed to please the taste buds!

We are committed to continuing to serve all of your favorite foods, baked goods and desserts. And, we'll know you'll be as excited as we are to try some new things too! So, keep an eye on our "Daily Specials" board, and if you find something you love, please let us know. We'll consider adding it to our menu.


In early 2017, we hired a new chef — "Chef Jeff" — to create an amazing new menu for us. To honor our old clients, we instructed Chef Jeff to include many of the local's favorite breakfast and lunch dishes. We also gave him the liberty of creating a delicious and succulent new menu to offer our customers, both new and old, exciting new dishes that are guaranteed to tempt the taste buds.

The end result is a combination of both local favorites and incredible new culinary creations — utilizing only the freshest, local ingredients. That is what makes Sauk-Prairie Grill's food so spectacular! Don't take our word for it, drop by and taste our new culinary creations & local favorites for yourself.

Our amazing new menu includes "new favorites”, such as: Filet Mignon; Captain Dick's Gulf Shrimp; Chicken Parmesan; New York Strip; Chicago Style Chicken Marsala; Four Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms; Coconut Shrimp; and Pistachio-Pecan Walleye... and so many more!

Sauk-Prairie Grill is proud to introduce our new Brick-Oven Pizzeria. We now serve the best, hand-made Brick-Oven Pizzas in all of South Central Wisconsin. Our signature sauces are made in-house and the fresh toppings are prepared daily. In future menus, we will be rolling out calzones and stromboli.

You may choose from "Featured Pies" or "Build Your Own" pizzas. You have to taste them to believe just how delicious they really are. Stop by the restaurant and try our new pizzas or give us a call to take one home with you to enjoy with your family.

In fact, we have so many incredibly tasty new dishes that we cannot mention them all here. Click on the “Amazing New Menu” button above to review our complete menu. Careful, though, it’s a mouth-watering experience!


In keeping in the tradition of serving our "local favorites"; we still offer your most beloved dishes — only now — they are even more delicious than ever. The local favorite dishes on our breakfast menu include: Steak & Eggs; Buttermilk Pancakes; Biscuits and Gravy; Hash Browns smothered in Carr Valley's Cheddar Cheese; our famous Giant Cinnamon Rolls; and, last but not least, our most popular and beloved, Breakfast Skillet.

From our lunch menu, we still offer local favorites such as our Double-Decker Club Sandwich; our newly designed Reuben Sandwich, called "The Rube"; our Hot Beef Sandwich — with mashed potatoes between the two slices of our artisan bread slathered in homemade gravy. Yummy! Additionally, while not on our menu, we offer the savory Country Fried Steak, as one of our daily specials. It is so popular we are considering adding it, permanently, to our new menu. We still serve a Soup of the Day and offer daily specials — so be sure to check out our Daily Specials board each time you visit us.

Don’t forget, we still have the best, award-winning pies in Sauk-Prairie. Grab a slice and have a cup of coffee or take one home with you. It’ll be sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Relax… Have Pie!


From everyone at Sauk-Prairie Grill, we extend our warmest welcome to you and your family to our "American Classic" building — with the classic, "Boomtown" front awning — and the 166-year-old, historical charm of our newly remodeled, unforgettably beautiful building. We are located right next to the beloved Wisconsin River at 200 Phillips Boulevard, in Sauk-City, Wisconsin.
Our new classic interior proudly showcases hundreds of local historical "Sauk Village" photos on the walls. It's like a "museum of photography" — over a century of history of the growth and evolution of "Sauk-Prairie" Wisconsin. "Sauk Village", today commonly referred to a Sauk City, was incorporated on March 30th, 1854. "Sauk Village's" original charter continues to the present, making Sauk City the oldest incorporated village in Wisconsin. Sauk-Prairie Grill is located just a short, 20 minute drive east of Madison.

Sauk-Prairie Grill's history begins in late 2016 when the property was purchased by Richard Gillen. He and his wife Joyce originally used the name Leystra's Restaurant. During early 2018 we closed for 2 months to do a complete interior and kitchen remodeling, changing our name from Leystra's to Sauk-Prairie Grill™. We chose this name to honor the generations of honest and hard-working families in "Sauk-Prairie". It is our way of saying "Thank You" for all you have done to make the Sauk-Prairie community what it is today... "Our own little slice of Heaven."

At Sauk-Prairie Grill, we're convinced that once you visit our unforgettable, historic building — whether you are just "passing through" Sauk City and looking for a great place to eat — or a "local" who enjoys the "Best Breakfast Spot in Town" — you'll be back!

Thank you, all, for allowing us to come into your beloved community — giving us a heart-warming, "Wisconsin Welcome" and allowing us to provide, to all of you, phenomenal food in an unforgettable and magical, family-friendly environment. It really is our pleasure to serve you. 

— Dick & Joyce Gillen & Dedicated Staff.

A Conversation with Sauk-Prairie Grill
on WI57's "Talk of the Town"

Recently, our Head Chef and General Manager and our Assistant Manager Heidi Sharer were invited by W157's "Talk of the Town" to discuss just what makes Sauk-Prairie Grill such a special place to visit and why our new menu is so unique and delicious. Take a moment and watch this recent video to learn more about Sauk-Prairie Grill.

WI57's "The Restaurant Show"
Featuring Sauk-Prairie Grill

On November, 27th, our new Head Chef, Dave Van Eyck and our Assistant Manager Heidi Sharer hosted WI57's "The Restaurant Show", with WI57's Jessa Jeremiah, at Sauk-Prairie Grill to talk about our Amazing New Menu and to prepare — live on television — two of our customer's most beloved menu items. It's fascinating to see these dishes prepared live on television.

Sauk-Prairie Grill's Assistant Manager, Heidi Sharer, shows the art and care that goes into creating our Crème Brulee French Toast, topped with a rich cream sauce, fresh blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries—topped off with delicious powdered sugar. You must taste it to believe how delicious it is! "Chef Dave", is featured preparing our Succulent Shrimp Scampi, sautéed in fresh butter, garlic, special spices with a unique blend of fresh vegetables. Two of our community's favorite dishes! Drop by Sauk-Prairie Grill today and see what all the "hubbub" is about! One visit and we know you'll be back. See you soon!

TVW's "Best of Wisconsin Restaurants"
Featuring Sauk-Prairie Grill

Our new Head Chef, Dave Van Eyck visits TVW's "Best of Wisconsin Restaurants" new show to talk about some of our amazing dishes at Sauk-Prairie Grill. Also featured are Dick and Joyce Gillen, the owners of this amazing new restaurant to talk about some of their new offerings - Sauk-Prairie Grill's Soup and Salad Bar and their newest creation — the Thursday Made-to-Order Fresh Pasta Bar and Station.

New customers and our local brand evangelists can now visit us every Thursday and watch as Chef Dave prepares their favorite pasta dishes before their very eyes. You can choose from your favorite ingredients, along with your favorite type of pasta (spaghetti, fettuccini, among others) sautéed in our in either our freshly prepared Tomato Marinara, Garlic-Parmesan Alfredo or our acclaimed Pesto sauce, prepared with virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, basil, pinenuts and italian spices.

As we say at Sauk-Prairie Grill... "It doesn't get any fresher than this".

Chef Dave prepares several "local favorites" — live on television — including Sauk-Prairie Grill's exciting twist of an old local favorite — Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict, served with our homemade Holandaise Sauce and topped with fresh Pico de Gallo. This amazing addition to our menu is one of the local favorites — a carefully crafted cullinary creation that you have to taste for yourself.


Pan Seared Salmon w Lemon Caper Butter at Sauk-Prairie Grill Two Classic Buttermilk Pancakes at Sauk-Prairie Grill Four Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms at Sauk-Prairie Grill

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